Based in Lexington, KY, Carter Legacy Enterprises is a dominant force in the sales and marketing industry. With a specialty in customer acquisition, our company generates new accounts for world-renowned clients in the telecommunications, satellite broadcasting, and fiber optic industries.

Carter Legacy Enterprises is an expert in the art of face-to-face communication, in that we only meet with qualified consumers in-person to ensure effective, long-term client-consumer relationships. We are a company that sees no limit when it comes to the sales and marketing field.

We continue to have successful growth because we always provide an 100% return on investment for our clients. Our team is comprised of the most positive, sports-minded, competitive people who strive to grow and advance in the company.

Why choose us

Marketing Consulting

Our professionally trained representatives focus on the consumer’s needs to create the best relationship possible.

Leadership Development

While we believe some people are natural born leaders, our strongest belief is that leadership is a muscle that must be developed constantly.

Sales Training

Our training at Carter Legacy Enterprises starts with the basics of sales and marketing, beginning with how to have a productive conversation.

Customer Acquisitions

Carter Legacy Enterprises specializes in acquiring customers and keeping them happy, which fuels the economic growth of our clients.

Goals provide your daily routine with purpose.

We’re extremely goal-driven at Carter Legacy Enterprises. Between sales goals and personal development expectations, our team prioritizes processes, systems, and standards. 




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Our mission

We are individuals focused on leaving a Legacy. We are motivated because we understand that everyday we wake up is a chance to write new history; a chance to make a difference…a chance to leave a Legacy.

Our main goal is to drive superior results for our clients and fuel growth & expansion opportunities for our team members. We do this by:

  • Staying focused on the objective
  • Keeping up with sales trends
  • Being available to our customers
  • Earning trust with our clients
  • Developing new innovative business strategies
  • Keeping a happy balance between work and life

Our culture

Our team of experts helps keep our company and clients growing.